The Birgitta Atlas is a work of great value

The Birgitta Atlas is a scientific work of great value. He documents the knowledge of the historians who have studied the Order of Saint Birgitta of Sweden.

The resulting book is a compendium of all monasteries of the "Ordo Sanctissimi Salvatoris" OSsS. The Atlas also informs about the various branches of the Order and shows its structure.

The newly created branches with new rules are survivable continuations of the Total Order, also based on the spirit of the founder Saint Birgitta. The Main Orders, currently reduced to two monasteries, one in Uden/NL and one in Vadstena/S, donates as the rhizome the gene of the founder for the new foundations.

In view of the extinction of the medieval main order, the Atlas fulfills the purpose of reviving and, if possible, reviving the birgittine spirit at the places with a birgittine monastic tradition.

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